Woof! Pet Salon

Woof! Pet Salon makes and keeps our reputation for the highest quality pet salon in Dickson because the caliber of our grooming is second to none. Our bathes are custom tailored for your dog, medicated, anti itch, whatever your dog needs.

We keep abreast of new styles as well as new techniques, and we are always striving to make your pet as beautiful and happy as possible. This is not a weekend job for us, or something we do on the side. Grooming is our livelihood, and we take immense pride and satisfaction in our work.

Lee and Natalie are available for consultation at the shop to ensure you get the best cut for your dog. Call or come by to find out why we were voted Best Dog Groomer in Dickson County two years in a row.

Doggie’s Day Out
Sometimes, you need a morning or afternoon away, and it’s not always possible to take your pets with you. That’s why we offer day care for full or half days for your furry loved ones, Monday – Friday, 7am – 5pm. We provide a huge indoor playroom that adjoins an even larger securely fenced outdoor play area. Play groups are actively supervised by loving and energetic Recreation Counselors. The dogs receive the benefits of fresh air, social skills, enriched mental health and it’s a great way to burn off that excess canine energy. There are a few requirements for Doggie’s Day Out:

  • Owner must provide an up to date vaccination record for rabies, distemper combo and bordetella (kennel cough) on or before the first play date.
  • Pet must be on flea prevention (Frontline, Advantage, Comfortis etc.) Any pet that has fleas will be bathed (regular bathing & flea shampoo charges will apply).
  • For now, we are limiting participation to pets that are spayed, neutered or 14 weeks to 5 months old. There may be other restrictions and we do reserve the right to refuse any dog for any reason. Also, we remind our customers that nature happens. Bee stings, bug bites, cuts and scrapes could happen, and we won’t be liable for such incidents should they occur.

Pricing will vary by size of your pet and the length of the stay.

We understand that sometimes you need to go out of town or take a trip, and taking your pet is not always feasible. That is why Woof! Pet Salon offers boarding to our customers, but by reservation only. This service is very similar to our Doggie Day Out, and all of the same requirements apply. Also, a Doggie Day Out is a requirement prior to boarding with us, so we can do a thorough assessment to ensure your dog will be comfortable and a good fit here at Woof! Pet Salon.

Some things to remember:

  1. Mealtime is once a day, and at least an hour after the dogs go up for the night.
  2. Dogs that require multiple feedings will receive extra rest time to aid digestion. (We will be glad to provide our Nutrisca Chicken and Chickpea, or you can provide labeled dog food if you prefer.)
  3. Label everything you bring for your dog with his or her name on it. (We will be careful, but cannot be responsible for lost or damaged items.)
  4. We will give your dog his or her medication at no extra charge. (All medications need to come in a clearly marked container (no baggies please.)
  5. All medications need to be marked with the Dog’s name, Name of medication, Strength, and Dosage per day or if needed.
  6. If you want your dog bathed or groomed while they are here, it will be done on the last day of boarding so your pet is fresh and clean for your return.
  7. Remember, there are no pick-ups before 2pm.
  8. Check out time is 11 am unless getting groomed.
  9. Holiday bookings require a 72 hour notice of cancelation. Any other booking requires a 24 hour notice, or maybe subject to a $25.00 late cancelation fee.

Pricing will vary by size of your pet and the length of the stay. There may be discounts when combined with other services, so be sure to call and find out.