Woof! Pet Salon

We opened our doors at Woof! Pet Salon in November of 2007, and began delivering our relaxed atmosphere and our superb level of pet care and service to Dickson. Even with the financial hardships many faced, Woof! Pet salon has kept growing year after year. New and old customers continued to come to Woof! Pet Salon because of our friendly service, quality work, and knowledgeable staff.

Our greatest advertising force is our customers. Our customers continues to help establish Woof! Pet Salon as the premier pet salon in the Middle Tennessee area. It is those same customers, who continue to bring their loved ones back, time and time again, that we continue to; and strive to, deliver an unparalleled service to you.

Now that you know a little about our beginnings, let us introduce ourselves.

No one knows more about dogs than Louie. He’s the general manager, the greeter and the inspiration for a lot of the Woof! Experience. He has doggedly committed himself to every task, and left no bone unturned in the pursuit of happy customers and wagging tails.

When your pet returns to you smelling fresh and looking their best, you should probably thank Jessica. She is our Lead Prep person and Bath’ier*. She has years of clinical experience and she works tirelessly with the rest of the crew to make sure our customers get top notch care.

Lee, is a RN with a degree from TSU, a graduate from Nash Academy of Animal Arts, (which is one of the premier grooming schools in the country.) Lee has both a technical ability and an eye for aesthetic, and also happens to be the owner. Lee and the rest of the Woof! Pet Salon “crew” provide a warm and friendly atmosphere, as well as “top notch service” you won’t find any where else.


*Bath’ier(s), bath’iere, Bath’ere: (description): For thousands of years, the art of bathing has been essential to one’s good health and peace of mind. During the third century, bathing emporiums quickly became the fashion. The Greeks and Romans were the leaders. Some baths were so grand they could easily contain lecture halls, art galleries, meditation rooms, and prayer stalls. Combined with healing practices, entertainment, social festivities, and physical fitness, it was not uncommon for soldiers to find comfort after a battle. Some of the finest healers worked in the baths and could tend their wounds.
The Roman, Greek, and Egyptian baths were known as “temples of beauty”, and many therapies were developed to heal or beautify those who entered their doors.  Bath houses became so popular in Rome that, not long after the third century the government constructed and transported water to these bath houses, by way of, aqueducts.
These highly skilled technicians that worked here became known as a Bath’ere (or bath’ier.) Fortunately, for your furry, loved ones, Woof! Pet Salon, is the only known facility in the Middle Tennessee area that offers this unparalleled service for their customers. Your K9 friends will be pampered, spoiled, and treated as if they were Pharaohs and Emperors.
This is just a part of what is referred to as “Woof! Experience!”